DO account locked, but no support ticket?

May 20, 2018 848 views
DigitalOcean Ubuntu 16.04

So for some reason my DO account has been locked, which is very frustrating as I am using my droplet to host a bot used by my discord community of several thousand people, and while my account is locked the bot is offline.

The message I received stated that a support ticket had been made to resolve the issue, but upon checking the support page, there are no open or closed tickets.

4 Answers

We’re sorry for the trouble. You can open a new support ticket on your account from the control panel or by emailing from the email address on your account.

I have done already, and nothing’s come back to me yet.

Yep. me too. Apparently Digital Ocean is just locking accounts for verification and walking away.

If I ever manage to get my code off my droplet and will NEVER use this morons again.

In the mean time I suggest you hit their Facebook page and give them a one star review and a comment.

Maybe that will wake them up.

Still had no answer. given 1 star on every review platform I can find for them.

Seems like a weird way to run a business, customer service should be the top priority when you can only access them via support tickets. Not even a phone number to ring :/

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