Do Digital Ocean have any plans for RancherOS?

November 2, 2016 203 views
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RancherOS looks like a great OS for docker based applications. I'd like like to know what do you think about it and if Digital Ocean have any plans to offer RanchoOS as a distro option. Thanks.

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Hey. While we have no solid plans in motion for additional core distributions we are big fans of Rancher and RancherOS internally. We've had the guys from Rancher in the office more than once to give demos early on but did not add it at that time because it was still in a pretty early alpha state. I personally am a big proponent of RancherOS being adopted as a DO core distribution and will continue to advocate for it inside DO. Lending support to the Uservoice item is a great way to let our product team know of the interest for it.

As far as I know no, DigitalOcean never said anything about it. Probably some employee can share more details.

Until that don't forget to vote on UserVoice!

Maybe you can consider CoreOS as an alternative

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