Do Digital Ocean provides Windows Server VM?

July 29, 2019 400 views

Good morning,
We did not find Windows Droplet details on digital ocean website. Do Digital Ocean provides Windows Server VM?

Thx, Bawa

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Hi there @chillasbawa,

To expand on what Alex said, they are correct in stating that unfortunately at this time we do not have native support for Windows OSs on Droplets. You may be able to achieve this however by creating your own custom Windows ISO image and then using that when creating your Droplet.

I recommend that you add your vote to the Windows Server idea on our Product Ideas Board as well as commenting your use-case there so that our teams can better understand the demand for this.

Hope that helps!
- Matt.

Hello, Bawa

Currently, DigitalOcean only allows the deployment of Linux based OS’s. I’ve seen articles where people use their own ISO to deploy a Windows machine, but this is not natively supported on their platform (to choose a Windows OS when you deploy your droplet).


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