DO DNS Authoritative for Domain on Cloudflare

May 13, 2018 766 views

I have a domain on Cloudflare <>. I have full control over it.

I would like to have a subdomain on DigitalOcean, I want the digital ocean nameservers to be authoritative for that subdomain.

I added a few NS entries to cloudflare for apps in the

I added the subdomain to Digital Ocean.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though this worked. Is this even possible?

1 Answer


You need to add the new domain to DigitalOcean after that it should give you two nameservers which you must enter them at cloudflare like this

NS      <DO NameServer1>
NS      <DO NameServer1>

Now it should be working, to make sure use this command

dig +trace

It should show that at the end DO NameServer is serving your request.

I hope it helps.

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