Do I have to purchase Plesk (must have a plesk account) for "Plesk on 18.04" app?

January 13, 2019 846 views
One-Click Install Apps Ubuntu 18.04 Applications

I have created a droplet using One Click Apps of Plesk on 18.04
When i try to login to the plesk portal ( on port 8880/8443), it is saying invalid username and password.

What else i have to do if i want to create/manage my websites on droplet using plesk? Do i have to purchase the service?

1 Answer

Hey friend,

Great question! You can read more about the Plesk one-click image here:

The installed version is free and allows you to host up to 3 domains. You can upgrade your license to obtain more features, including the hosting of more domains. A full comparison and price list can be found here:


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