Do I just leave the servers running?

August 12, 2015 2.8k views
MEAN Node.js MongoDB

Hey guys. Im excited about your services! I just got my test-app (MEAN) running, which involves running a 'node server' and 'mongo server'. My question is this, am i just supposed to keep these servers running, perpetually? Is that how i should take an app to production within your/my new env/droplet?

(Forgive the 'noob' lexicon)

1 Answer

Hello, good to have you here at the community. If you would like to publish a new application for public use, you should run the droplet 24/7. Else if you would like to test things, and trying to make some new things working you could put the droplet online sometimes. Even though if you keep it offline, you will still have to pay for the space thats being hold for your droplet. So best thing to do in my opinion is just to keep it online 24/7

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