do i need a domain name to enable a droplet?

October 14, 2014 2k views

I have not as yet registered a domain name.

Do I need one to start using the service?

Or, like wordpress.com, do you offer <name>.digitalocean.com or similar mechanism?

2 Answers

There are (as far as I'm aware) no subdomains offered. Instead, you can visit your website my going to your droplet's public IP address, which is listed on the droplet screen cloud.digitalocean.com

You do not need a registered domain name, as you can just use the public IP to connect to it that is given to you in your control panel, however you do need a hostname, which can be pretty much anything, as it is mostly used to distinguish servers apart. You can later add a domain name just by pointing the DNS servers to your droplet's public IP address.

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