Do I need both A and AAAA record for my droplet?

June 17, 2015 3.6k views
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I'm very new to this and I am trying to host a website for my school projects. When I created the droplet, I selected IPv6 option and when after following many tutorials on setting a website up from this community, which was really helpful by the way, I was wondering if I need both A and AAAA records. I also saw a few weird things with my page too. In the beginning, it showed the default nginx page then went back to the default page of Then this morning its back to my "under construction" page. This weird result started when i added AAAA then removed it. I also couldn't log into putty, kept giving me a server time out message but now i can log into putty.

1 Answer

The AAAA record is just an A record for ipv6. Without the AAAA record all requests to your domain will be performed over ipv4. With the AAAA record a client requesting it will then be able to reach your droplet via ipv6.

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