Do I need private network in IPv6-only system?

December 6, 2016 2.8k views
Networking IPv6

The question is about current implementation of IPv6 routing in DO. I have created two droplets with IPv6 adresses. tracepath6 says they are on the next hop from one another.

Do the packets between these droplets go the same path as they would if I use private networking feature? Does private network have any advantages over such setup (e.g. reduced latency)?

1 Answer

Our private and public networks are separate networks within our datacenter. While you may only see one hop when using the public network, it is metered unlike the private one. We are not yet charging for data overages but in the future this will change (all users will be notified in advance before this happens). For now there should be no difference but in order to future proof your setup we would recommend using the private ipv4 network for droplet to droplet communications within the same data center.

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