Do I need to install postfix if I'm going to use Mandrill or SendGrid to send mail?

June 10, 2013 3.8k views
I'm setting up a server with Ruby to deploy a Rails application. I'm planning on using Mandrill or SendGrid (i.e. providers of transactional email services) to send notification emails and that type of thing. On my local machine, I can connect to their services via environment variables that connect to their api. In that type of situation, it's unclear to me whether I need to install something like Postfix.
2 Answers
You do not need postfix or any other MTA to send mail using Mandrill or SendGrid.
SendGrid says: "A local mail server, such as Postfix, is the most robust way to send email through SendGrid when configured to queue all email from your application and then relay the messages through SendGrid as a smart host. " See
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