Do I need to put my domain in the DNS manager to setup email?

September 26, 2014 2.7k views

This is my first time using a VPS so forgive my freshness.


Right now I have two droplets, one being that of a Wordpress install (which should be on a MAMP server I’m assuming). The other is a MEAN setup for the development of our app.

My domain was purchased through GoDaddy and right now I’m pointing the main domain to the IP address of Wordpress droplet and a subdomain A record to the MEAN droplet’s IP address. In the future, there will be another Droplet with another MEAN droplet to host a production of my app.

My Question:

I would like to avoid setting up mail with GoDaddy, so I figure I would be setting up mail on the Wordpress droplet. To do this do I need to:

  1. Do I need to transfer the DNS management of my domain from GoDaddy to DigitalOcean using the DNS manager?
  2. Based on the answer to question one, what are my next steps?

Thanks in advance for the help!

1 Answer


you can leave your DNS settings at GoDaddy. What you need is to set an MX record for your domain pointing to the droplet.

  • Of course, that should of been obvious.

    What about the second half of the question in terms of the next steps to setting up the mail application the droplet with a Wordpress install?

  • If you want to send mails from wordpress, you can just use external SMTP server (GMail, Mailgun, …). If you want your own mail server for sending and receiving mails, you can use postfix.

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