DO kubernetes node pool tags not added to nodes in cluster

January 11, 2019 917 views

As far as I know adding tags to your node pools in the DO Kubernetes dashboard will not add the same tags as labels to the nodes in the cluster.In our case we would like to dedicated a node per to certain workloads. Having to tag nodes individually seems not the way to go to be honest.

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Seconded, this would make having multiple node pools much more useful. Currently, while I can manually label the nodes, node failure and replacement make it somewhat hard to guarantee the necessary labels are always there; being able to have labels automatically added to all nodes in a node pool would be really neat.

Try using the label (eg. s-1vcpu-2gb or s-2vcpu-4gb) which represents the instance type you selected when you created the node pool. Find the instance type associated with your nodes as follows:

kubectl get nodes --show-labels

Then use the following nodeSelector to pick the instance type associated with your node pool as follows:

      nodeSelector: s-1vcpu-2gb

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