Do we have plans to build a Datacenter in Japan?

October 27, 2014 4.2k views

I’m live in China, I want to know here is a plan to build a Datacenter in Japan? Japan is faster to connect to Google and other website, sometimes Singapore Datacenter is very slow to connect to Google. Thanks!

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  • By the way, I am with Singapure location and dont know what exactly you mean by connecting to google but I see my uploads to G Drive is fast enough from there !!!

    I backup my website in g drive on regular basis !!

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We are looking to expand into more regions, but we don’t currently have any plans to open a datacenter in Japan. We use UserVoice to track feature requests and gauge user demand. You might want to open a request there to see if it generates votes from more users.

Thanks for the feedback!

in fact, in china, many users choose linode but not digitalOcean just because it’s faster ( when we choose japan as region) .

although linode’s price is rich.

so , i think you should add new site in japan.

Hi, in Japan.
Tokyo DC of Linode and VULTR have always sold out very popular in Japan.
DigitalOcean is more popular than they are in Japan.
You great success if you start the DC in Japan.

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