Do We Need To Connect To Connect Internet 24/7 to use Digital Ocean? - and 2 Others Questions

October 9, 2014 1.6k views

I am thinking about to use Digital Ocean as the server hosting for my upcoming Multiplayer FPS game. My question is, do I need to connect to to the internet 24/7 in order to enable my players to play my game online i.e. login and access to their account and play online with other players. Next question is do I need to have fast internet connection (so that my player won't have connection problem)? Lastly, how much is the maximum concurrent players support by Digital Ocean, let's say if I want to subscribe for the 10$/month.
p/s: Sorry for my bad english & also sorry if this question sounds dumb because I am totally a newb in this kind of things. I hope you guys can help me.

1 Answer

that depends on your game and if you need to be there to authorize them

generally you do not need to be online 24/7 if you are operating a service on the droplet

maximum concurrency depends on the type of usage, what type of game, how much bandwidth it uses

this would all be specific to your application/program and there is no way to predict it

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