Do we need to install a time sync service?

July 4, 2015 2.8k views
Linux Basics

Do we need to install a time sync service on the droplets or is the hardware clock somehow synced? Using CentOS if that’s significant.

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Type the following yum command to install ntp
“`yum install ntp ntpdate ntp-doc

Turn on service, enter:

chkconfig ntpd on

Synchronize the system clock with server


Start the Deamon

/etc/init.d/ntpd start

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So, droplet clocks will drift?

  • Yes and No, it depends if you have the correct time.

    I never used CentOS so I don’t know if it has a build in time sync like Debian/Ubuntu

Yes the clock in your VM will drift.
Install ntpd as @eldin suggested and you are all set.

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