DO Website + CloudFlare = Too many problems

October 15, 2014 2.4k views


For last couple of days I am facing problems with using Digital Ocean website.. First my browser started to give me security warning sayings SSL is not valid since it was pointing to or such URL so I had to continue without a secure connection.

Then multiple times I was getting diverted to a CloudFlare landing page asking for verification, which I was not been able to complete (since captcha was never visible)..

Am I the only one facing this type of issue (randomly) ??

What do I do about it ??


  • This is really problematic for me..

    What is wrong ??

  • @hunky The constant verification requests by CloudFlare would indicate that your ISP uses an IP range that CloudFlare deems to be potentially abusive, hence the requests to validate/verify. This is a part of the CloudFlare service (IIRC, by default since their latest updates). As with all services of this nature, false positives are possible. What you may wish to do is contact CloudFlare directly, provide them with your current IP address and see if they can provide any further details. They would be the ones able to identify which IP ranges accessing their network are being deemed potentially abusive, abusive etc.

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Are you accessing the site through a VPN perhaps? CloudFlare has some automated checks that might produce the captcha if there has been unsavory activity associate with the IP address. For more information, check out this CloudFlare FAQ.

Are you able to access the site at all right now? If so, could you please open a support ticket so that the team can investigate your specific situation?

  • I have a cable ISP and as per my knowledge, in my personal system and in the router, there is no proxy or VPN..

    I am facing this issue randomly..

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