Do you have a plan to build up Hongkong datacenter?

September 12, 2013 7.2k views
We really need it, thanks.
8 Answers
You should vote for this on DigitalOcean's Customer Feedback forum: Hong Kong and Japan Datacenters.
When I click "vote", I got "Sorry! The page you were looking for was not found."
I need at least 5 VPSes in the near future.
San Fransisco is probably the closest region to your location.

You can try pinging to calculate the latency to our SFO region.
I already have two droplets in SFO, DO will be my first choice if DO has HK datacenter, otherwise, I will use virutal host ( HK datacenter.

I need it too. As my china clients found it’s slow for all datacenters in SG and USA!

I tried SF, NY and SG already to solve the problem.

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