Do you have a speed test?

July 2, 2012 55.5k views
12 Answers

You can also use my webapp that runs all digitalocean speedtests on one page. The project is open source at

Below are links to test the speed of our US and AMS network: New York1 Download file NY1 Speedtest NY1 Amsterdam1 Download file AMS1 Speedtest AMS1
We have new speed test files up:

Do you have one for california?
@sa00 Yes -- please see our FAQ page:
Just for the record:

I'd like to check the latency of your servers but I can't ping them. How can I check them?
@ryanyam: Are you sure that pinging the hostnames "admin" posted right above your post doesn't work?

if you want to test all of digitalocean servers in one go, you can try my simple bash script or my nakama’s ZacharyDuBois’s

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