Do you limit bandwidth?

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Author: trialtest11 Date: July 2, 2012
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trialtest11 July 2, 2012
No we do not limit monthly bandwidth in anyway. We allow you to fully utilize the network and burst traffic without limits.
william November 15, 2012
But do you throttle traffic, so that when it reaches a certain amount within a certain time period, it drops to a slower speed?
ben November 15, 2012
We do not throttle bandwidth or traffic after a certain amount. From time to time you may speed different bandwidth speeds depending on internet conditions, load on your droplet, or the system as a whole.
creating.www October 15, 2013
Do you guarantee any speed, and what is upper limit for one Droplet?
kamaln7 October 18, 2013
@creating.www: All droplets are on 1Gbps ports.