Do you offer multiple unique IP addresses?

September 5, 2014 4.4k views

Do you offer different unique IP addresses if I am buying multiple servers? I don't want to have similar IP address that starts with similar IPs like 23.126.xx.xx for example. If possible I want all the servers to have different IP addresses.

2 Answers

Yes, each instance will have it's own unique IP address. There's no way to request or reserve specific IPs though. If having them be in different ranges is a hard requirement for your use case, I'd suggest making sure your droplets are located in different datacenters.

  • If I have 2 droplets located in the same datacenters, would they have similar IP addresses that starts with same IP which I stated on my first post? Because I would need about 20 of them, and I don't think there's more than 20 different datacenters.

  • Some datacenters do have more than one block of addresses, for instance I have droplets in NYC2 with both and Though if you need 20 seperate blocks, unfortunately I don't think that is something that is possible at the moment.

  • 104.131.xx.xx and 107.170.xx.xx is pretty much different, and that is exactly how I want it, at least the first two are not same at all. Thanks for the info.

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