July 2, 2012

Do you offer private IPs?

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  • Gravatar Etel July 2, 2012
    Unfortunately we do not currently offer private IP addresses on virtual servers. We are actively developing this feature and as soon as it is launched we will be making the announcement on our twitter, blog, and updating this FAQ.
  • Gravatar Guillermo Domínguez October 26, 2012
    Any news? I want to migrate all my servers with you guys :)
  • Gravatar Moisey October 27, 2012
    We will be releasing private IPs most likely in early December.

    It is one of the most requested features and is taking priority in our roadmap.

  • Gravatar rutgergeelen March 7, 2013
    I can't find it in my admin. Is it released?

  • Gravatar Anirudh Coontoor March 8, 2013
    When will it be released?
  • Gravatar Moisey March 8, 2013
    Got pushed back a bit due to other items taking precedence, but hopefully end of March it will be in Beta.
  • Gravatar Bruno Buccolo March 16, 2013
    Nice! Looking forward to that!
  • Gravatar rogerdpack March 18, 2013
    Ok so this is just for private IP's, each droplet is assigned a public one is that right?
  • Gravatar k.r.vachon March 26, 2013
    Hoping private network traffic will be available soon, hoping to move from Linode for load balancing backend servers.
  • Gravatar skurowski June 27, 2013
    Any update?
  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser June 27, 2013
    Private networking isn't available yet - we are working on it.
  • Gravatar jloehrer August 20, 2013
    This is just about the only thing stopping me from going with you guys for my server farm. I need private networks. The rest of your feature set looks awesome. The API looks great, and the price points look good.
  • Gravatar warren November 18, 2013
    I'd really like to be able to deploy some VPDCs into DigitalOcean ... how's the current status on private networking?
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