Do you provide console access?

Posted July 2, 2012 28.8k views

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You do not need a GUI - VNC will map your console without issue. VNC does do a graphic interface but if you do not have a GUI it will just treat VNC as if its a monitor out, which is different than serial but provides a very similar end user experience and will also provide access to your server.

If you just get a large black box click on it and hit any key that's just a screen saver.
We provide console access via VNC through our control panel. VNC allows for graphical support so users can interact with their systems via a full GUI if the Droplet is running Xwindows.
What about console access for text only OS?
We have built a serial console but it is currently disabled because we aren't running Grub on the virtual servers.
So what should I do in case my server doesn't boot?
Do you get a console that shows you boot output so you can login and see whats happening, or is nothing coming up on console?

Either way please open a ticket so we can troubleshoot it with you directly.
As you said, the console is only for vnc = gui and not for text user interface.

I opened a ticket but miss etel from the support treat me like an idiot.

This was my question:
The question is about the console access. How can I access to my vps through console. My vps doesn't have gui.

And this was the answer:
You can access the console through the "Access" Menu on the control panel.

Can you help me, or just close my account?
Before when I try it I only get "Establishing Console Access.." then it stuck.
Now, I get after a while "Failed to establish a connection to the console. Please reload."
What browser are you using? If you are having issues we recommend trying a clean install of Chrome and it usually works for most customers then.
I'm using FF ESR 10.0.10 on linux and on other computer both ff 17.0.1 and IE8. The Chrome is not an option because security limitation.
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