Do you think about cheaper droplets without public IP?

February 15, 2018 1.6k views
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One of the details for billing you for having a disable droplet is that you must maintain the public ip. But because you can install vpn or balancer or stuff like that, being forced to create all the droplets with public ip it’s a bit heavy.

So, do you consider the option of avoid the ipv4/ipv6 public ip and allow us to be billed for the reserved storage in case of disable droplets?

Thanks for you time.

1 Answer

Although there is a cost paid to acquire IPv4 IPs this isn’t passed on to customers. So if you could create droplets with just a private IPv4, IPv6 address there wouldn’t be a reduction in cost as it already isn’t added into the current droplets.

With the rollout of VPC which will provide you a fully segmented virtual private network you will eventually be able to create droplets that don’t have a public facing IP address and the benefit there is in regards to security, not cost reduction.

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