Do you throttle disk IO?

September 16, 2013 5.4k views
Do you use cgroups or some KVM feature to throttle disk IO among guests? I'm concerned that my IO-heavy application could get starved by other guests.
6 Answers
Please open up a support ticket. Thanks!
I did, but the ticket (68023) was closed without a comment. I don't have any droplets yet because I am considering DO as a hosting provider.
I asked the online support staff and no one has closed the ticket -- perhaps you closed it by accident. I have re-opened it anyway.
Thank you. I received my answer.
Looks like I was the one to close, it, by the way. :)
you're worried about your IO heavy app being treated fairly, but not whether your IO heavy app will affect others? sounds considerate. welcome aboard, friendly neighbour.
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