Docker in a Digital Agency

April 26, 2017 1.6k views
Docker Development CMS

Hi all,

Im after a little advice.

I currently work for a digital agency and we are looking to improve our current workflow and move in-line with more modern practises. With this in mind we have identified that docker could be a way forward for us, unfortunately I don't necessarily understand as to whether what I want to do is possible.

In short, we have a large number of website development clients based across a variety of CMS's and platforms, Wordpress, Magento, Bespoke PHP, Symfony etc. In short I guess Im asking what is the best way to approach this setup?

  • Would it be to utilise docker-compose file for each individual project?
  • Would it be to setup a core container that mimmicks our live server setup and setup X sites on this container i.e have,, setup all running from the same DB instance on the container
  • Forget docker and utilise something else?

To clarify, as of yet we aren't looking for the deployment side of docker, just more of a local development environment that is both quick, reliable and flexible.

Any help you can provide would be great, unfortunately the documentation just seems to confuse and the information out on the general domain doesn't really clarify my initial questions.


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4 Answers

Hi @samthornton

I use vagrant and docker to run local development environments for each project I work on, with vagrant you describe the development environment you want to run and docker is used to provision the required infrastructure for the project.

If all of your clients use Linux for local development then use only docker-compose but if you have different platforms then I think that vagrant with docker are a better choice because vagrant runs a boot2docker VM and inside it, it runs the docker containers.

  • Thanks Mohsen,

    We are all developing on macOS platforms.

    • Then your best choice should be using docker-compose for each project to make sure that every project exactly uses its required dependencies.

      • Thanks again :-)

        So presumably we could setup a number of base images that reflect out live environments (have have around 8 dedicated shared hosting servers) and then just use these base images for the relevant project within Docker Compose?


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To clarify, as of yet we aren't looking for the deployment side of docker, just more of a local development environment that is both quick, reliable and flexible.
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