doctl compute firewall create gives error: "missing name"

August 1, 2018 1.7k views
DigitalOcean Cloud Firewalls Ubuntu 16.04

I got a droplet: Ubuntu 16.04 (One-click-apps NodeJS 6.12.3 with monitoring)

I have setup a tag for that droplet: gmseserver
All good, you can see it it the control panel.

doctl is installed via snap (version: doctl version 1.8.2-stable)

Now when I try to setup a firewall:

doctl compute firewall create --name "server-firewall" --tag-names "gmseserver" --inbound-rules "protocol:tcp,ports:22,address:,address:::/0" --outbound-rules "protocol:icmp,address:,address:::/0 protocol:tcp,ports:all,address:,address:::/0 protocol:udp,ports:all,address:,address:::/0"

Taken from:

I get the error:

Error: POST 422 (request "864bf621-d9a2-46d9-a652-f74b14ebd3f5") missing name

Tested to set the name as serverfirewall don’t help.
Tested to use –droplet-ids <DROPLET ID> instead don’t help.
Tested to remove each space and put a new space in place (in case of hidden chars)
Same error on all tests.

I use Putty with SSH.

What could be the problem?

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