Does D/O offer any type of 'mirroring'?

April 5, 2015 1.3k views
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Is there any way to mirror my droplet so that if it crashes another exact duplicate droplet will take over?

Is this a dumb question?



2 Answers

Anything is possible but an out of the box solution is definitely not available.

lsyncd is one option, and already has a Digital Ocean tutorial available:

Note that lsyncd is more about mirroring user-created directories than making a live “fallback” server that is ready to run at any time. If you’re trying to guarantee continuous uptime by creating multiple identical servers, then you may be better off searching for terms like “load balancing” or “redundant servers”.

by Justin Ellingwood
While administrating web and application servers, there are many times when it is useful to mirror directories. The lsyncd service can mirror local and remote directories in order to propagate changes from one location to another. This guide will cover the basic usage of this tool.
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