Does DI plan on making Minimal Ubuntu available as one of the Ubuntu type images?

July 10, 2018 592 views
DigitalOcean Ubuntu

Ubuntu has announced a new, minimal install that's even smaller than the server install, and aimed at cloud deployments. Does DI plan on making this one of the available options when creating droplets?


Link to minimal ubuntu:

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Hello friend!

This is very cool. There is no existing plan for this, but I am going to put the idea in front of others and see what happens. I appreciate you bringing it to my attention so that I could do so :)

Kind Regards,

Thanks for the feedback! I've recorded your feature request. :)

I wanted to follow up with you on this to let you know that we do have something on our roadmap right now that should satisfy this request. I'll hold back on the details right now, but keep an eye out because you're really going to like it :)

Kind Regards,

Great news! This request can be considered resolved by way of our new feature:

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