Does Digital Ocean allow me to run an IRC server or a Tor relay on my droplet?

January 25, 2015 4.4k views

I have been running an IRC server on my droplet for a while.
After looking around a bit, I have noticed that some providers do not allow you to run IRC servers.

I am even more suspicious of running a Tor relay (I haven’t run one on my droplet yet), but I’d like to know if I could indeed run one without violating the ToS or any other policy/rules set forth by Digital Ocean.

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Yes. IRC is allowed. As for tor, you should not have any trouble when running a relay but we strongly recommend against running an exit node as these generate a lot of abuse complaints and would likely cause issues for you with your account.

Thank you.
However, If I want to run a Tor relay, do I still have the freedom to do so?

They say they “strongly recommend against running an exit node” but I think that they give you the freedom to choose (just be more careful since if there is abuse their system will autoban your account)

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