Does digital oceans droplet not use their Nameservers?

February 6, 2019 262 views
Deployment DigitalOcean Ubuntu 16.04

My problem is I created a mysql droplet and added a domain to it. No problem there. I can reach it from my home computer url for the mysql droplet is like
Next thing I did, was creating an Web API and deployed it with in memory database. Neither a problem.
Now I tried to make the api use my mysql database via the url And there is the problem it can’t reach the host.
Next thing is I tried to ping the ip. worked like a charm. Tried to ping - unknown host. I can’t even ping my own domain

So any pointers to solutions?

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unixynet February 6, 2019
Accepted Answer


Some plausible issues:

  1. Local DNS resolution isn’t configured (resolvers not setup). Does ping work? If not, this is the issue here. Check out this article on how to fix that:

  1. Your domain DNS isn’t functional yet. This is likely an issue if you just bought this domain recently and name servers haven’t had a chance to settle in. Not much you can do here besides waiting for DNS propagation.


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