Does DigitalOcean DNS support DNSSEC, and how do I turn it on?

July 25, 2015 6k views
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So lets assume I'm using,, and as my nameserves for Now how do I enable DNSSEC for, assuming this is even supported with these nameserves?

  • This is a good question!
    I came across this because I just subscribed to google domains. As soon as I have configured DO nameservers I also have the option to configure DNSSEC.

    The site states the following:
    Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) protect your domain from attacks such as DNS cache poison attacks and DNS spoofing. Your DNS provider can provide you with the values you need to activate DNSSEC.

    Does DO provides such values that I can use to active DNSSEC?

  • Hello,

    I'm also interested on how to enable DNSSEC on my domains. I left a hosting solution/registrar that allowed me to enable DNSSEC in a single click and I would like to know if DO could provide such thing or a guide to do it.


  • Features like this should be added on DigitalOcean. +1

2 Answers

Unfortunately DigitalOcean's nameservers do not support DNSSEC currently. You can vote for this feature and subscribe to notifications regarding any progress on it on our suggestions board:

If you still want to implement DNSSEC right now, you could use any nameservers that do support it such as Rage4.

Another option would be hosting your own Authoritative DNS Server with DNSSEC support:

Good luck!

by Jesin A
We all know that DNS is a protocol which resolves domain names to IP addresses, but how do we know the authenticity of the returned IP address? It is possible for an attacker to tamper a DNS response or poison the DNS cache and take users to a malicious site with the legitimate domain name in the address bar.
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