Does DigitalOcean offer a dedicated IP? SSL?

August 6, 2013 12.2k views
Does DigitalOcean offer a dedicated IP? SSL? If so what is the pricing for these?
7 Answers
dedicated IP = yes; SSL = no. However, you can get a free SSL certificate from StartSSL or a Standard SSL certificate from GoDaddy for $5.99/yr.
what is the cost of a dedicated ip?
All droplets come with one dedicated IPv4 IP address for free.
How many additional dedicated IPv4 IP address do you allow to purchase maximum?
And how much for one IP?
@steadng: All droplets are limited to one IPv4 address only. You cannot purchase more IPs.

Hi, another question relating to this dedicated IP:

  • I have droplet started with dedicated IP 1.
  • Then, I stopped it to save money
  • And one day later, I started it again –> does it still use same dedicated IP 1?

Hey guys.. noob question. Does this dedicated IP host a dedicated city? Or is it country/region. Is there a way we can do a city perhaps?

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