Does DigitalOcean support RapidWeaver7?

June 16, 2017 1.4k views

(Newbie here)
Using RapidWeaver7 on Mac, Sierra (10.12.5).

Wanted to see if a site built with RapidWeaver7 will run on DigitalOcean.
Any issues I should watch for?
Thanks all for your help.

2 Answers

Hi @wachiperro

While you can run sites built in RapidWeaver on DigitalOcean, you have to remember that DigitalOcean is not a typical hosting provider.

DigitalOcean provides unmanaged VPS, which is an entire virtual server, so you need to setup, configure, secure and maintain the server.

If you don’t have any experience in running your own server, then you might want to choose one of the hosting providers recommended by RapidWeaver:

  • Hi @hansen
    Thank you much for your response and the info.
    Will probably heed your recommendation as this is not my area of expertise.

Hello, @wachiperro

Any website should run on Digital Ocean just fine, perhaps you expect alot of visitors you can go with the 5 USD plan which will work just fine.

So do you want to host your website on Digital Ocean? Reply to this answer and please also tell me if you already have a domain name.

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