Does DO offer a virtualized firewall solution (such as cisco)?

January 20, 2015 2.4k views


We were curious if DO offered a solution for a virtual firewall (such as cisco, juniper, etc) whcih we could put in front of our droplets to configure the routing, and have all nodes appear as a 10.x.x.x behind said firewall. (We’d rather not have IPs which can talk to the world on each machine.)

Another bonus of this would be that we could set up and connect via VPN to administer our cluster(s).

Please advise.

2 Answers

DigitalOcean does not offer virtualized Cisco/Juniper appliance images, however there’s nothing stopping you from doing the exact same thing using a Linux droplet.

  • Thanks for the prompt response!

    I’m curious how our privately networked droplets stay ‘private’. Couldn’t an adversary spin up a droplet and attempt to connect to our droplet from within the same DC, or is there some other networking happening here?

  • You should use a firewall, of course. The same way you would prevent unauthorized connections on the public IP address.

God I wish they offered a virtual firewall… plz plz plz

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