does increasing the traffic of a website also increases the memory usage?

Posted May 24, 2018 1.9k views

if so? what will happen if i go far beyond the limited allotted memory of my subscription? this simple website is already using 72% of the memory that i subscribed.

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More requests to your site means your web server creates more threads to handle those requests. Since each thread will require it’s own memory allocation to serve the requested content your resource needs will increase as the volume of traffic increases.

Droplets do not have swap space by default. Swap allows the system to use some of your disk to “swap” out some items in physical memory so that you do not run out.

Without a swap file if you utilize all of the RAM on your system you will likely see processes begin to crash as they are unable to allocate memory.

The RAM allocation is not just a subscription or plan limitation. Your droplet is only assigned what you pay for and cannot exceed that unless you upgrade to a larger plan.

“if you utilize all of the RAM on your system you will likely see processes begin to crash as they are unable to allocate memory” this is such a DISASTER, we don’t know what kind of processes crash. if this is so, why don’t digitalocean make the swap a default space in droplets. for us newbies/noob users this is a horror. when i migrated to .com and feel a little confident about my site, i went to those sites who offer an increase of traffic in a particular site in exchange of a few bucks. the other day, i lost more that 260+ pages of my work (3 weeks hardship), my site only display like this, i can’t access my backend/frontend (joomla) i can’t access my phpmyadmin (the mysql gives me different kinds of error when i’m trying to access them) i just lost everything. i need to purge my mysql to rerun again. TO RERUN means i went back to the very beginning. SWAP? is this really the solution? i hope so. my subscription is 1GB memory/25GB SSD Disk. i only used 9% of my 25GB SSD Disk more or less that’s 2-3GB, if i’m going to increase the memory to let’s say 4GB/80GB SSD Disk, then i’ll only be using 9-10% of the 80GB SSD Disk, lol ain’t that funny? Anyway i’ll try SWAP hope this will work.

As ryanpq, one of the solutions is to add swap space. Here’s a pretty decent guide on how to add swap space on Ubuntu 20.04 from Digital Ocean:

by Brian Boucheron
One way to guard against out-of-memory errors in applications is to add some swap space to your server. In this guide, we will cover how to add a swap file to an Ubuntu 20.04 server.