Does Libcloud work with DigitalOcean's v2 API?

August 29, 2014 3.9k views

I was using Apache Libcloud with v1 of the DigitalOcean API before. But I see that v1 is now deprecated.

Does it work with v2? At least for creating droplets?

Note: I looked through the libcloud repo and docs for info about this, but I didn't find anything.

  • Hi coffeepot,

    I assume no staffer got back to you on this one.
    I assume by now you've found the answer.

    The answer is no. Apache Libcloud library only works
    with the older v1 API right now -- Which is problematic
    as I have run into several issues with that.


  • What is the status of Libcloud support for DigitalOcean API v2 now? This link claims v2 of DO API is supported now (apache-libcloud==0.17.0) and is supposed to become the default in the next release.

    However if I try the v2 example from the above link:

    from libcloud.compute.types import Provider
    from libcloud.compute.providers import get_driver
    cls = get_driver(Provider.DIGITAL_OCEAN)
    driver = cls('access token', api_version='v2')

    I get "Access Denied". The same access token with a curl request works fine.

    Thanks for any update!

  • From

    Since trunk (to be libcloud v0.18.0), the driver uses new API v2.0 by default.

1 Answer

No, Libcloud has not been ported to version 2 of the API yet. For the time being, you can still use version 1. You can get your credentials for v1 here.

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