Does my Digitalocean account come with an email server setup?

February 25, 2016 1.6k views
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Im curious if my digitalocean account comes with a preset email server to send and receive emails to/from If not, would I need to setup my own server? any tutorials for doing so and securing an email server? any downsides to this?

Currently running ubuntu 14.04 with python3/django/postgres setup

1 Answer

No. But you can setup your own mail server or subscribe to Google Apps if you have the budget, if you are on the low side, you may try Zoho Apps Email. It's free for 1 domain per account, and up to 25 users/emails.

Outsourcing your email to Google or Zoho will minimize the load on your server, except that if you are actually planning on setting up another droplet just for the mail server.

I personally use Zoho on my website.

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