Does the Anchor IP always remain fixed

June 4, 2017 2.5k views
Configuration Management CentOS

I use a php script to find out which server it is running on by looking at the server IP. When using a floating IP the IP returned is the Anchor IP. Once an Anchor IP is allocated to a particular server is this IP fixed? Can I guarantee it will not change over say a reboot or will Digital Ocean systems ever reallocate a different Anchor IP to the server?

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Hi @altekgm

The IP addresses you get when you create a Droplet or Floating IP is yours until you stop the service. I've never heard of a IP being changed.
In any case DigitalOcean needs to do something different, they will notify you in advance.
just like they do today, if the need to upgrade a physical node, then they give you advanced notice of a pending reboot - and you can even contact them to have the reboot done at a different time.

  • I understand what you say. My question is in regard to the Anchor IP which is not the same as the Floating IP or the original IP allocated when the server is created. When using a floating IP the server itself runs under a different IP called the Anchor IP. Can I be sure this Anchor IP never changes?

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