Does the one click installs e.g LEMP also install security software like UWF and fail2ban

January 23, 2017 1.7k views
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when I setup my vps I usually secure ssh by changing the sshd_config like no root login, a ssh user..etc and also install uncomplicated firewall and fail2ban among other stuff before installing nginx and php..etc.

So does the one click installs for LEMP or even wordpress also secure the server as well?

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On the newest releases of Ubuntu (16.04 and 16.10), ufw is included but not enabled by default; you can run ufw status from the CLI to confirm this. On older releases, ufw can be installed from the CLI.

In regards to the one-click images offered by DigitalOcean, unless it's specified in one of the guides that are sometimes created when a specific one-click is published, I would assume that what you're getting is a simple one-click image that's meant to allow you to hit the ground running, sans specific security packages (such as fail2ban).

Since you still have root access, however, you would be able to install the extra software packages and configure them to meet your needs.

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