Does you provide a managed services for non-techies like me?

January 19, 2015 6.2k views

The title says it all really.

Looking for a hosting solution that is managed as I don't know how to keep my server up to date with OS patches, security updates, PHP version updates etc.

  • You should look for a freelancer if you want someone to maintain your VPS.

  • If you also go in the projects tab you might find some application that can do the job for you I guess.

  • For what you list in your question (OS patches, security updates, PHP versions) - handles all of that and provides a great service. It's what I am using in conjunction with my droplets and has been perfect for my needs so far.

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DO do not, but I know there are plenty freelance who will do it for reasonable price. Just look around and choose wisely.

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