does zend opcode cache work with w3tc?

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its a simple question though, but seems a bit confusing to me.

does zend opcode cache work with w3tc? i saw in some place that w3tc doesn’t support zend optimizer as it follow some different way of caching.

i m on nginx, php5.5, php-fpm

one thing i must share, recently i went to stress test for my site with just 50 concurrent user and i saw my CPU level stays much lower when the zend opcode cache is turned off. don’t understand why this happened.

what should i do, please guide me someone

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This question was answered by @mdsimoni:

I sort of answered this with the following link:

As far as I can tell, zend opcode cache does work with php55. But it is not supported.
there are some monitors that will allow you to peer into the zend opcache to view statistics.
they can be found here:
if you want to lock down the cache viewing pages, and you have a linux workstation i would recommend running the cache veiwers on the localhost only and using a client side ssh config file to set up an ssh tunnel.
If you can’t do that then i would at least password protect the pages.

Testing takes a long time and requires very good notes. Results are difficult to control and reproduce exactly. I also would recommend running memcached.
To monitor memcache usage you can try

Also, my wordpress site is very simple and does not have a lot of fancy plugins. So i would start simple and slowly add the plugins in and test.

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