Dokku droplet and email forwarding to specific email address

July 25, 2014 2.1k views

I hosted my website to a dokku droplet yesterday using the digitalocean nameservers and my own domain (works fine). Now my custom email address does'nt work anymore because my registrar ( does not support email forwarding when I use another nameserver.

Question: How can I forward emails from to another email address (not gmail)? I don’t understand how to set an MX record that points to a specific email address.

1 Answer

If all you need is simple email forwarding like your domain registrar was providing, I’d suggest just continuing to use their DNS management. DigitalOcean simply provides the DNS panel as a convenience for users who want to manage their DNS and their servers in the same place. If you’re happy with the service provided by your registrar, then there is no need to move you DNS records here.

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