Dokku hanging after Docker update

January 16, 2014 5.1k views
Today I wanted to take a stab at getting a rails app deployed with dokku, so I followed the walkthrough found here ( When I try to run dokku postgresql:create app_name it advises me to update docker. I update docker following the directions found here I then create the database. Now when I try git push dokku master it just hangs... Anyone run into issues with this?
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Dokku probably doesn't support the version of docker you updated to. Does it work on the "old" version?
A number of the tutorial examples use Kloadut's PostgreSQL plugin for Dokku, which now requires Docker version 0.7.2 or higher, but the one click app installs Docker version 0.6.6. Is there a way to work around this?
I ended up doing a manual install of Dokku on a fresh Ubuntu 13.04 to work around this. It's actually quite easy and works without issue.
Can you point to a tutorial please? I'm having a 'Your docker version is too old, please update it' even after apt-get install upgrade..

I had the same problem and found a solution.
When I ran dokku postgresql:create app_name, I got the “please update” notice, but actually when I looked in docker containers, the postgresql/app_name got created. Dokku just didn’t see it as its own.
So I went nano /home/dokku/app_name/ENV and set my DATABASE_URL environment variable to


according to link.
Then when I pushed the app again to dokku, it got the database from the ENV and everything worked smoothly.

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