Dokku-shoreman: unable to find image /dokku locally

June 9, 2014 3.4k views
Trying to deploy a Ruby on Rails app with dokku + docker. I accidentally deleted all containers and images on my server and now, I can't use dokku-shoreman to run a worker like I was before. When I try to run the post-release executable from the shoreman plugin, I get an error "unable to find image /dokku locally". But when I type docker images, I see dokku/MY_APP as an image. What am I missing here? (I tried re-installing dokku-shoreman and re-deploying as well, but neither fixed the problem).
1 Answer
I've not run into this yet, but you might take a look at the Dokku issues [1] or the dokku-shoreman issues [2] to see if anybody else has. The shoreman plugin was not written by the Dokku maintainers, but it's possible the community in the freenode irc channel #dokku can help. Lastly, although reinstalling the plugin doesn't help, it could help to reinstall the entire Dokku system. [1] [2]
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