Domain delegation, from registrar to digitalocean's DNS

June 15, 2014 2.9k views
Hello! I just recently got my domain registered by a domain registrar, I usually use the registrar name servers, however I want to use Digitalocean's name servers to control the domain records this time. So what I tried to do was to point the registrar NS records to NS1.DIGITALOCEAN.COM etc. and created a new domain in the digitalocean controlpanel (named it I know from beforehand that domains usually take some time to update, however I am not even sure if I have done this correctly. Have I? And in any case, how does Digitalocean authenticate that my account actually owns the domain? This is what befuddles me and makes me insecure about this being the correct way of delegating my domain. This might be a terrifyingly easy question to answer, but I simply am not secure enough of how DNS works yet that I can verify that I have set it up correctly. If you answer, answer like you're writing to a dumb sheep, because this is what I am when it comes to this matter. Thanks in advance!
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Everything seems to be working now, the registrar had to go in manually to change the name servers to Digitalocean and from there it was a smooth sail. Doesn't seem like there was something wrong with my setup.
What domain registrar are you using? In most cases, you could update your registrar's name server related to that particular domain to digitaloceans nameservers,, and After that you can add that domain in DO's domain section and handle it like you would in any domain management system. Usually it takes considerably less time for the changes to be updated, but depending upon the registrar and things, it could take from a few hours to about 48 hours.
  • I analysed the DNS and it seemed like the old name servers was still listed as parent so I contacted my registrar and apparently you could not override the name servers from their control panel but they have now changed it for me and now I just have to wait for it to take effect. The way you explain it, doesn't it mean that anyone could use my domain as long as it is pointed to DO's name severs? Just add my domain their DO's domain section and use it? How does DO authenticate it as being my domain? First one to type it into the domain section? Anyway, thanks for the reply! I will reply to the topic again later.
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