Domain is not pointing at my droplet

April 14, 2019 268 views
DNS Nginx Ubuntu 18.04

I followed the DNS quickstart guide ( and afterwards the nginx guide (

At my registrar I set my domain ( to point at DO nameservers. I can see they are in fact pointing to those servers when I do a whois.

Are there any common pitfalls I could’ve fallen into following those guides? I am not really sure where the error occurs, because I just get server not found when going to

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Aubrius April 15, 2019
Accepted Answer

You probably did everything correctly and just need to wait for the DNS to propogate. How long ago did you make your DNS changes?

From your first link:
These records will not take effect until you have updated your nameservers with your domain registrar and those changes have propagated, which can take up to 48 hours.

I had a similar issue using google domains, I had to actually point the A to the IP address under the DNS setup on my domain portal.

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