Domain name not working but ip does

Posted June 12, 2014 33.9k views
Hello, im new here at DO, and so far is great. Last night i just installed my apache and configured its virtualhost, then i setup my ns in godaddy and here in DO for my domain but after a moment (maybe dns propagation?) the domain stop working but i can ping it, and apache is running fine. If i enter with the ip, it works but not with the domain, im pretty sure is a dns thing but not sure what to do anymore... any idea please? Thank you.
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You only added an A record for, you forgot or *
Do you mean in the Digital Ocean panel? because in godaddy i have a A record to @ to the DO ip and have a cname for www pointing to @ host. I'll try adding it to DO as a new domain with the www to test it.
  • Your domain seems to be working now. In the future, you don't need to set DNS records in both the DO control panel and with your registrar. You can just use your registrar if you want. We just offer the DNS service as a convenience so that you can manage your server and domain in the same place. If you want use DO for your DNS, you should just enter the name servers with godaddy and then manage individual records here. Checkout:
  • Great! Thank you! yes i see is working now, im sorry about doing it on both is just that i didnt know that DO can change dns records on my domain even if is not the provider (im not very good with dns or networking in general :-\) but from now on i'll do it this way, thank you! :-D