Domain name only works for a few minutes

October 3, 2014 2.5k views

Hello, im new here at DO, and i love it but, yesterday i just installed my apache and configured its virtualhost, then i setup ns in my domain provider and here in DO for domain but its works only a few minutes and then stop working. I check that apache is running fine. If i enter with the ip address it works but not with the domain. Also if a ping works fine.

Thank You and please help me :(


work fine with, but not with www

  • does not exist, according to the resolvers I tried.

  • I think what you need is a CNAME.
    Log on to your Digital Ocean control panel,
    Go to the DNS section,
    on the domain in question, add a CNAME
    in the “name” field enter WWW and in the “Enter host name” field type @.
    This is assuming you have and A record already set with @ pointing to your IP address. if you didn’t add that as well.
    Hope that resolves your issue.

    NOTE: You need to give it some time to propagate.

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A cname already exists now (i think you followed @DarkSaint’s suggestion) and i can see that both work now (www, and without www). What i’d suggest you use a htaccess to redirect either the requests to to or vice-versa.

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