domain names not working in Vesta

October 23, 2015 5k views

Hi all,

I have setup my VPS on Ubuntu and VestaCP. All seems fine with my main domain name but when I add new sites into the VestaCP they don’t seem to work? is my main domain. I added to the CP but the page doesn’t display.

any help would be great!


2 Answers

If you are looking to host multiple websites, you seems to have it setup correctly. You simply need to add the your html files to the public_html folder for domain name Which is located under /home/<user>/web/

If you are trying to serve same website for both and You first have to delete the web account for Then go to settings and add under aliases.

I have a similar problem. I have set up a domain but the page that displays for it is not the one in: root@vesta:/home/admin/web/ index.html instead it shows an irritating page with It worked! Powered by VESTA . This would of course not be irrittating if it was the right page but it is not :)

Any advice appreciated


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