Domain not showing wordpress website

October 5, 2014 3.3k views

I set the nameservers of my domain to DO and it's showing up under DNS of the control panel as pointing to the droplet IP.

I was able to login to the WP admin using the direct IP, I then set the sit url to my domain but when going to the address the website doesn't show up. I can no longer gain access to the WP admin because it keeps trying to load from my domain.

So if I go to I can enter my user/pass but it then loads and I left dead in the water.

Hope I'm making sense.

hope you can help.

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yeah sorry.

I did notice that ID hadn't set the cname to www @ I've fixed this but it might be a while before it takes affect.

OK that was it. The cname wasn't set. All is working now.

Thank for the help.

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